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FEBRUARY 1, 2010




John Stephenson for U.S. Senator for Kentucky    

Issue One: Abortion


Shortly, I will be posting on our developing websites, my position statements with regard to several pressing issues confronting our nation and the citizens of Kentucky. While some politicians believe that jobs, health care, education, terrorism, crime, climate control, and the environment are some of the major key issues that should be tackled first. In order to truly and effectively bring this nation around again and be that “light on the hill”, we, as a nation, must make a “U-turn”. I believe we have to first look beyond every serious national issue we are confronted with and make our starting point God. To be more specific, “if My people will humble themselves, pray, seek My face and turn from their evil ways, THEN I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins, and then HEAL THEIR LAND.” 2 Chronicles 7:14.


Abortion and Our Moral Compass:

Our nation and our Commonwealth will continue to be “plagued with ills” unless we first stop the atrocity of abortion and the infanticide that occurs daily, permitted “by law”.  Historically, nations that walked away from God and behaved godlessly would soon discover that God would remove Himself from that nation. Is that fact any different today? No. How can God bless a nation who is behaving in ways that are against His will? Not only will God not bless the nation, He cannot bless a nation who blatantly commits such heinous crimes. In fact, according to Deuteronomy 28, God makes it very clear that if a nation keeps God’s commands, God in turn will bless that nation. Deut. 28: 1-3 says, “...if you will diligently obey the Lord your God being careful to do all His commandments...the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations of the earth..Blessed shall you be in the city and blessed shall you be in the country.” In turn, if a nation disobeys God commands, “...if you will not obey the Lord your God, observe His commandments… all these curses shall come upon you and overtake you…” vs. 15-68. There are fifty three verses of consequences for being out of God’s will. I would encourage everyone to read the entire chapter of Deuteronomy 28. These are not my words, these are God’s words and whether our nation wants to believe in God or not, or “choose” to believe in His commands or not, does not change the truth that God is and He does. We will not be a great nation again unless God is at the helm again.


Consider the circumstances of our nation today. Not one politician or political party can singularly be blamed for the current condition of our nation. Our nation “collectively” is responsible. Every citizen who “chooses” not to believe God and His commands is responsible. Tragically, abortion has been made law, but by man, a law that completely contradicts the law of God, “You shall not murder”. Deut. 5:17. As a nation, we must recognize abortion for what it is, the murder of innocent lives. The framers of our Constitution were more in touch with the will God then this nation as a whole is today. Many God-fearing groups continue to fight vigorously against a current that cannot be stopped, unless we turn this nation around and seek God’s face. The fact that centuries have come and gone since we have became “one nation under God” does not remove the reality that God does not change, nor His will.  God will bless our nation again. He can bring healing and will bring “healing” to our land IF we seek His face and stop the atrocities of abortion. God can and He will use elected officials to bring real solutions, not perpetual sound bytes, not fruitless efforts and not disharmony among the political parties. Our nation, our citizens must begin to see this, and NOW.


Approximately 250,000 people die each day in the world. According to Right to Life statistics, “over 4,000 of those deaths are by abortion. That is one and half million people each year in the United States alone. These children, except for a few, are normal, healthy children, free from any physical or mental handicaps. Many millions more die from silent, chemical abortion. As the killing of innocent children continues, more and more childless couples, faced now with the reality that there will not be a child for them to adopt, are doomed to a life where there is no child of their own to love.” A human life amendment would codify the personhood of the unborn child from the moment of fertilization, holding that life begins at fertilization, and that all innocent human life must be protected by law. “Although legislation will protect the life of the unborn child, only a human life amendment will protect the life of the unborn child from the whims of the judicial, executive, and legislative branches of both the federal and state governments.” 


It has become abundantly clear that the very fabric of our moral system has been slowly and deliberately excised from our schools, text books, and government facilities while we, the citizens, have stood, by since the mid-1970’s, and watched a rebellious minority bring our democracy into this destructive state and condition, completely out of God’s will. We, the majority of our citizens, can be compared to a frog that has been slowly cooked. It has been told that if one places a frog in boiling water it will naturally jump out. However, if a frog is placed in cool water and the water is gradually heated to boiling, the frog will sit there until he is “cooked”. I am telling you, that God is telling me, and many other Christians, that we must reach the hearts of our fellow citizens and our government leaders and demand that they obey God’s laws.


Our children and grandchildren are bombarded with pornography, filth and degradation under the protection of “free speech”. At the same time we have witnessed prayer being removed from our schools, the Ten Commandments and the Christian history of our nation being challenged. Some of the original evils that God warns us to be aware of in our human nature are greed, envy, and covetousness. We have allowed ourselves to be exploited to the point where our institutions of trust have become untrustworthy.


If elected, I want to work with President Obama to establish regulations to protect consumers, safeguards to our economy and provide “meaningful” accountability for our governmental systems and institutions regulated by government. As a real estate broker of thirty plus years and a former chairman of a teacher’s credit union, I can bring expertise to the regulatory system. I have solicited no organizations or corporations for contributions. Therefore, I can and will be the voice for the “everyday” man and woman in Kentucky.  I vow to be that voice for the unborn, the handicapped, the senior citizen and those who have no means to fight the system except with their vote, which I would cherish and respect.


John Stephenson



Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate

P.O. Box 175885

Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017

859-653-7000 Cell      859-750-0000 Cell      859-356-1608 Fax


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