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Mt. Sterling Advocate


Name:                  John Stephenson

Age:                       Sixty-Six Years Old (9-4-43)

Address:              P.O. Box 175885, Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017-5885 (Campaign)

2994 Moffett Road, Independence, KY 41051 (Home)

Spouse:                June Geiman-Stephenson

Children:             One Son, Three Daughters (ages 52 to 42 years of age;  Five Grandsons and Three Granddaughters (ages 24 to 4 years of age).


Education:  University of Kentucky, Secondary Education, Rank 2 Masters Degree in Advanced Government and History. Ph.D., Philosophy of Management, Columbia Pacific University. Attended Chase Law School, Covington Campus, One Year.


Occupation: Licensed Kentucky Real Estate Broker for 35 years; Consultant/Political Advocate for Special Needs Populations, Government and Education; Public Speaker and Emcee. Videography: Education, Government, History and Health Film Production/s and Cable Access Programming, “Travels with the Stephensons” including 20 hour Kentucky’120 Counties Documentary with Kentucky History by Dr. Thomas Clark.


Party Affiliation: Republican



Why are you running for office?

Our nation must return to Godly principles and I want to be a Washington lawmaker pointing the Senate to this end. Greed and corruption and the murder of unborn babies continue to separate us from God and His blessings. Lawmakers in Washington must begin aggressively taking a stand. Until we do, God cannot bless or heal our nation. (2 Chronicles 7:14.) Before I complete any political survey I interject the following disclaimer: “I believe it is extremely important to impart to you and to your readers, my campaign disclaimer. Our nation and our great Commonwealth of Kentucky cannot be all that they are called to be until we invite God back into the political process. Politicians can offer sound solutions to any issue our country is faced with. However, sound ideas alone do not, a great country make. It is time our country makes a U-turn back to God before we find ourselves in the same circumstances. We must approach every national and state issue through these lenses.” I want to restore Godly principles to our nation’s political process.



What qualifications for this particular office do you bring to the table?

I possess a life time of government and business experience and training as indicated by my professional vitae. No other candidate has federal, state and local government experience. I have owned my own companies.

I am not soliciting funds; not even from the labor unions, which have endorsed my candidacy. I will not be “owned” by any special interests groups. I am an advanced government teacher and I fully understand the dynamics and function of every branch of government.  I have visited all 120 Kentucky counties more then five times. I have filmed the history of each county and I am very familiar with the strengths of our Commonwealth. Before health care became a major issue, I produced a weekly program called “Your Health and Wellness” which the Medical Association still continues. I have done this without grants or tax revenue. I possess effective and persuasive speaking abilities, making me extremely qualified for the U.S. Senate. God has prepared me for this job. I am a voice for the poor, A.D.A., laborers, and human rights. I love people and I consider it an honor to be a public servant.


If elected, what will be your area/s of focus be?

My first effort would be to introduce legislation for a Human Rights to Life Amendment. I also believe that the government should participate in coal research as part of a bigger picture in a jobs bill such as we saw in the 1940’s with the Workers Progress Administration Program. America must consider a plan that resembles the New Deal that was created in 1939 under President F.D. R.’s Administration. We need a program that will retrofit private enterprise companies, create jobs and stimulate the private sector. Money and time management are commodities that must be harnessed. President Franklin D. Roosevelt taught us, “That we have nothing to fear but fear itself.” It is time to put our egos, our pride and personal agendas aside. Federal, state and local lawmakers must remove blinders and begin looking at what can work, even if it is a program that is like the WPA, which was instituted by presidential executive order, under the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act of April 1935, to generate public jobs for the unemployed.


John Stephenson, Republican U.S. Senate Candidate

859-653-7000 Cell  or 859-750-0000 Cell   859-356-1608 fax


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