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April 10, 2010


Paul Glasser, State Journal

“What do you hope to accomplish if elected?”


I want to immediately push for a Human Right to Life Amendment. Our nation and Kentucky cannot be all they are called to be UNTIL we invite God back into the political process.  It is time our nation makes a U-turn to God.


I believe our nation has to stop rhetoric and begin measures to become completely energy independent of other nations; utilizing Kentucky’s clean coal resources and implement a national W.P.A.-like jobs plan. We must begin to look at new ways to use coal, gas and other alternative energy sources. We need a program that will retrofit private enterprise companies, create jobs and stimulate the private sector.


 We must implement term limits and stop stagnation and greed in Washington. Greed has led us to “game the system”; buy politics; bribing; gain of inside knowledge; and technology scamming. The bow and arrow was great technology UNTIL it posed problems; man learning he could use it against his neighbor. We need REAL Checks, Balances, Reform and Accountability.


Brilliant minds, put to wrong use, with wrong motives, and no regulations, WILL fleece fields of sheep for personal gain/s. Blatant greed has, and will continue to drive our nation to the brink of disaster, IF WE DO NOT CHANGE OUR WAYS NOW.  We must implement stricter regulatory conditions and severe monetary punishment/s for every violation.


We need to continue to reform our education systems.


We must return people back to work, building a passenger rail system, interconnecting our urban and rural areas nationwide. 


We must continue to add to and support Health Care Reform.


We must systematically review all bureaucracy functions and their validity.


We need to consider passing a progressive war tax to reduce national debt.


Political parties must begin working together and stop partisanship. We have to stop pointing fingers and get to work!


Thank You!

John Stephenson, Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate

P.O. Box 175885    Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017-5885




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