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For Immediate Release:




As a candidate for the United States Senate and a Realtor for over forty years I realized we were headed down this path of destruction and tried to get our elected officials to change their spending patterns.  I am living with the same nightmare of foreclosure as many of our citizens. June and I, due to medical cost for the past eleven years and having been taken advantage of in a loan scam find ourselves still waiting for a loan modification which we applied for over a year ago.  We have signed the papers over four months ago and still do not have the signed documents returned. The servicing bank blames it on the lending bank and the lending bank blames it on the servicing bank. It takes hours just to get a call through to the bank and you talk to a different person each time and have to go through the same excuses. It seems their hope is that you will default or die.


Today even after the bailouts, we see the banks making tremendous profits and now we know that there are six banks in this country which control over sixty percent of the Nation’s wealth.

That is the reason I am running for the United States Senate. We have become an oligarchy, a country ruled by money. Both parties are guilty.  If you want real change vote for me and I will be the voice for the people on Main Street, call it Tea Party, call it Independent call it what you may, but I have lived it all my life.  Fighting for the underdog, the unborn children, seniors, the poor, the homeless, the handicap, the laborers, those discriminatiated against whether, women, blacks, Mexicans, whites are people of any color it is called justice, it is called fairness, it is call fixing the weakest link. How can I do this?  Because I am running my campaign on less than 5,000 dollars.  No one owns me nor has anyone ever owned me in my government position that’s the reason I am able to speak out on different issues.  I am not afraid of offending the money people.  I only owe allegiance to God and Godly principals.  Being a government teacher I can tell you that I as a Senator can begin to change this system in one six year term, because the country is ready for a leader who will lead in an honest manner.



In the meantime call your senators toll-free at 866-544-7535 and urge support for the Wall Street Reform Bill (Senate Bill 3217), Including the creation of a strong and independent Consumer Financial Protection Agency.



The Senate needs to hear from consumers!  Next week will be the start of a series of votes in which the choice is clear: senators will vote to help hard-working families or greedy financial institutions. 

The risky schemes of the big Wall Street banks caused the collapse of the economy and cost 8 million Americans their jobs.  It's time for the Senate to put an end to the abuses that led to the financial crisis by placing the best interests of Main Street, and working Americans who play by the rules, above big banks and credit card lobbyists. 

But they need to hear from you.  Senators are already hearing from Wall Street!  Six leading banks spent a combined $6.9 million on lobbying in the first quarter of the year - an increase of about one-third from the first three months of 2009.

For more background and details on S. 3217, click here.

Tell senators that they must support a strong and independent Consumer Financial Protection Agency, a single agency that consumers can trust – one with strong civil rights protections that will centralize and strengthen existing regulation, hold banks responsible for their lending practices, and fill in the gaps where existing laws have failed.  S. 3217 would do just that.

Millions of families are struggling to make ends meet, while many big businesses – despite receiving billions of dollars in aid from taxpayers' money – continue to employ the same disreputable tactics that devastated our economic system.  Congress must take the necessary steps to assist the people suffering the most in these trying economic times, and help safeguard families from unfair lending practices.  Anything less is unacceptable.

Call your senators toll-free at 866-544-7573 between Monday, April 26 - Wednesday, April 28 and tell them that enough is enough.  Urge their support for the Wall Street Reform Bill (S. 3217), including the creation of a strong and independent Consumer Financial Protection Agency. 



John Stephenson

Former Superintendent of Public Instruction Commonwealth of Kentucky

Candidate Republican Primary for the United States Senate

For Further Information Contact John Stephenson


April 28, 2010



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