As former Superintendent of Public Instruction of the Commonwealth of Kentucky I am proud to see my cousin honored by the leaders of our great State: John Stephenson

The House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Kentucky
hereby offers its most enthusiastic congratulations to
Rodger Bingham
upon being chosen from among 49,000 other applicants to appear on the popular new television program, "Survivor: The Australian Outback."  A lifelong resident of Crittenden, Kentucky, Mr. Bingham is a graduate of Grant County High School and of Eastern Kentucky University where he earned both his bachelor's and master's degrees in Industrial Arts before returning home to assume the position of CEO at the Bank of Crittenden.  Having married Patricia Spillman, a fellow graduate of GCHS, Mr. and Mrs. Bingham gave birth to their only child, Angela, in 1971.  Angela would also go on to attend GCHS and to earn a place in the Grant County Basketball Hall of Fame, making her and her father the only father/daughter combination to both receive this prestigious honor.  Rodger Bingham has proven that he is capable of mastering new challenges and has embarked upon several new endeavors over the course of his career, including as CEO of Citizen's Bank in Dry Ridge, as the owner and operator of Crittenden's Lumber Company, as the proprietor of the Grant Mobile Home Park, and as an Industrial Arts teacher at GCHS.  In addition to his professional accomplishments, Mr. Bingham is a faithful member of the Crittenden Christian Church, is an avid real estate investor and a skilled tennis player.  Inasmuch as this distinguished citizen of Kentucky has continually proven that hard work and tenacity are the keys to success and that one must always be prepared to meet new challenges as they come, the members of this august body are delighted to join Representative Royce Adams in commending Rodger Bingham for the great honor and acclaim that he has brought to this fine Commonwealth as a consequence of his latest adventure in the "land down under."

Done in Frankfort, Kentucky, this
twentieth day of February, in the year
two thousand and one.

WHEREAS, Rodger Bingham is a successful businessman and educator; and

WHEREAS, He is a lifelong resident of Crittenden, Grant County, Kentucky where he teaches industrial arts at Grant County High School; and

WHEREAS, Rodger Bingham recently has become famous across the nation as a participant in the Survivor television program on CBS; and

WHEREAS, During his appearances on Survivor, he has ably represented the Commonwealth and is an outstanding role model for the young people of Kentucky; and

WHEREAS, His interest and dedication to the cause of education have made him a valuable asset as we continue to remind all Kentuckians that Education Pays;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, PAUL E. PATTON, Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, do hereby pay tribute to


by recognizing his personal accomplishments and devoted service to the youth of Kentucky

Pictures of honoring ceremony:
pictures courtesy of LRC Public Information.

Additional pictures courtesy of David Stephenson, Photographer, Lexington Herald Leader.

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