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John Stephenson, U.S. Senate Candidate: Political Positions, Professional Background, Achievements, Family History and Personal Interests.



While filming the history of Kentucky Counties in the late 1980’s, I recall sitting on a park bench, on the courthouse grounds of Williamsburg, Kentucky. I was honored to be sitting between two of the greatest minds from Whitley County, the former U.S. Congressman Eugene Siler and his son, United Court of Appeals Justice Eugene E. Siler Junior. Several years later Justice Eugene Siler would swear me in as the last Elected Superintendent of Public Instruction. I have tremendous respect for the people of Kentucky. I remember the wonderful hospitality and cordiality of many citizens and families who greeted me during my first political race in 1975 for Commissioner of Agriculture for Kentucky. During that campaign, I began to carry with me a red diary to obtain the signatures of all the wonderful people I met along the way. Thirty five years later, I still carry that red diary with me in order to collect signatures, names and addresses of everyone I meet in our great Commonwealth. Additionally, and more importantly, I have carried my Bible with me and I have obtained the signatures of more than eleven Kentucky Governors and also the signature of the great late Kentucky historian, Dr. Thomas Clark. My wife, June, and I held Pioneer Days Picnic several years ago and Dr. Clark and his lovely wife, Loretta, were our special guests. When I asked Dr. Clark if he would honor me by signing my Bible that day, the quick wittedness of Kentucky’s very wise Centenarian’s response was, “John, I have been asked to autograph many things, but I have never been asked to sign a Bible until today. I would be honored to sign the Word of God, although, I not certain I am worthy to do so.”


The question I am most frequently asked:  “What will you do as our United States Senator?”

Without hesitation, if I am privileged to be your next U.S. Senator, I will be for Kentucky,

a loyal and dedicated advocate for our Commonwealth; honest; faithful; and a true public servant. I will apply my political and government-minded knowledge and experiences towards the efforts of restoring our country to a “once again” great country. Our nation is in the midst of a critically serious socio-economic crisis. The issues that have erupted over the course of the last decade will not be “instantly” repaired. Our society has been lulled into a sense of “instants” and “right now’s”.  Unfortunately, there are no “quick fixes”. But in order to work our way through national and state issues there must be a spirit of cooperation and compromise by both major political parties not party divisiveness. There must be an accountability arm to avoid any further seasons of greed and corruption. There must be a recognition and application of the framework of our founding forefathers. My focus and convictions are like those of the framers of our Constitution, who designed America to be, one nation, UNDER GOD, with liberty and justice for all, NOT FOR “THE FEW”.


National Deterioration and Restoration

I have been a student of history for many decades. It does not require much insight to recognize that our country has been slowly deteriorating from the inception of “removing” God from the foundations of our country and our Commonwealth; beginning with the removal of God’s presence in our schools. The “voices” of the unbelieving will try to remove this “Divine” inherent right because they “have eyes to see, but do not see” and they “have ears to hear and yet, do not hear”. You do see and you do hear. Stand firm! Do not be shaken or changed. With every fiber of my being, and under the authority and power of God, I will fight to return our nation to the place where the Bible is once again a catalytic instrument in the creation of laws and amendments in Kentucky and in the United States of America.


“U-turn”:  Kentucky is rich in history and she is geographically diverse and beautiful. But what makes Kentucky unique are her people and their tenacity to stand for Godly principles. We did not acquire the position, along with other states, the title of “the Bible Belt” accidentally. The people of Kentucky have followed the absolute truths, derived from God’s word, the Bible. Our Commonwealth has been richly rooted in a “Ground” which cannot be shaken. Kentucky can be a beacon of light to our whole nation, “a city on a hill that cannot be hidden” (Matthew 5), leading the United States of America back to God’s absolute truths. Our Kentucky has produced many memorable people who pointed these United States to the “One”; with top billing going to one Abraham Lincoln. God’s words teach us, “Seek God first and His kingdom {His will}; AND THEN ALL THE REST SHALL BE ADDED UNTO YOU.”   Before we can solve any major issue facing our nation today, with Right to Life of the Innocent in the forefront, KENTUCKY, WE MUST MAKE A “U-TURN” BACK TO GOD!  Politicians can make many promises and they will be broken. With confidence, I can make you one promise Kentucky. God will enter in and guide us to effective solutions and restoration IF we will FIRST SEEK HIS FACE. This is a promise I will stand behind!




Your Voice for the Future of Kentucky and the United States of America:

I recently attended the “Restore America Rally” that was held on the steps of the State Capitol in Frankfort. These steps were the same steps and building where I filed suit to fight for and to protect every Kentuckian’s right to elect their “voice” for education in Kentucky, as the last elected Superintendent of Public Instruction. These same steps are where I attend the annual American Disabilities Rally to protect the rights of all citizens. These steps are where I, along with many other Kentuckians, meet to fight on the behalf of the Innocent and for the protection of all lives. These cascading steps and the Kentucky State Capitol building may be concrete structures to some, but to me, these steps and Frankfort’s Capitol represent the lifeblood and hopes and dreams of every citizen, from every walk of life in Kentucky; past, present and to come; the hopes and dreams for protection, fairness, justice and equality for her citizens.


 Advocate for the Life of the Innocent:


The first order of business, bring God back. What naturally follows and is paramount, is the collective legislative fight on behalf of the Innocent; introducing and pushing through a Human Rights Amendment. A right to life amendment can be successfully achieved IF it is pushed through with the same vigor and tenacity that our federal lawmakers, who report to be Right to Life supporters, have recently demonstrated in an attempt to block and/or pass a health care reform act. I am a different kind of Republican. I want to work with Democrats and Independents and with my Republican members to stop abortions with a Human Life Amendment. THE TIME IS NOW, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.


We must protect our constitutional rights. God will not tolerate a nation that murders babies, inside or outside of the womb. God’s message is very clear. God cannot, He will not heal our land UNTIL we turn from our evil ways of the tolerance of the murder of the Innocent. We do not need our country continuing to turn to the left or to the right. Our nation must make a “U-turn” to God and to the American Constitution. America’s founders designed a constitution clearly based on Truth; the foundation of God’s love letter to each of us, the Bible. IT IS TIME TO STOP BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT. IT IS TIME TO BE AN ISNTRUMENT OF BOLDNESS, RESTORATION AND A PROACTIVE PROTECTOR OF LIFE FOR ALL!


Employment and Economic Development:


We must pass a Jobs Bill in order to promote free enterprise in the private sector. We need to emphasis the development of increased jobs in the private sector. With the payment of millions of dollars in welfare, we must develop new plans which will offer “work for benefits”. I do not mean slave labor, but constructive work that will increase productivity. Our nation needs new ideas; “new eyes” to look at ways we can rebuild our manufacturing base; a capacity for commodities which will have long lasting successful and thriving effects on our society.


New Rail System:

Our nation must look at a “people transportation” rail system throughout the country, particularly in our urban areas, with spurs into each of our rural areas. A system that will dually decrease negative effects to our atmosphere and environment and at the same time, help to minimize our over congested roadways. Based on my 1989 travel experience through Europe, I could not help but be impressed with their “people moving” railway systems, even then. We should take advantage of Europe’s and Japan’s technological advances and our great interstate right of ways, to create a great jobs bill that will have lasting benefits.


A Works Progress Administration Program:

America must consider a plan that resembles the New Deal that was created in 1939 under

F.D. R.’s Administration, creating jobs and stimulating the private sector. God will help us through our economic depression. I agree with the old saying, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, things are broken in Washington and the people of our nation must get involved to help turn this country back to God.

Money and time management are commodities that must be harnessed. Former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt taught us, “That we have nothing to fear but fear itself.” It is time to put our egos, our pride and personal agendas aside. Federal, state and local lawmakers must remove the blinders and begin looking at what can work, even if it is a program that is like the WPA. Remember the WPA? The Works Progress Administration was instituted by presidential executive order under the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act of April 1935, to generate public jobs for the unemployed. The WPA was re-structured in 1939 when it was reassigned to the Federal Works Agency.

Internet research history of W.P.A. and quotes:

“By 1936 over 3.4 million people were employed on various WPA programs. Administered by Harry Hopkins and furnished with an original congressional allocation of $4.8 billion, the WPA made work accessible to the unemployed on an unparalleled scale by disbursing funds for an extensive array of programs. Hopkins argued that although the work relief program was more costly than direct relief payments, it was worth it. He averred, "Give a man a dole, and you save his body and destroy his spirit. Give him a job and you save both body and spirit."

While responsibility for such unemployable people as children, the elderly, and the handicapped was remanded to the states, the WPA provided literally millions of jobs to employable people, enrolling on average about two million a year during its eight-year stint. Far fewer women were enrolled than men. Just 13.5 percent of WPA employees were women in 1938, its top enrollment year.

The WPA was charged with selecting projects that would make a real and lasting contribution — but would not vie with private firms. As it turned out, the "pump-priming" effect of federal projects actually stimulated private business during the Depression years. The WPA focused on tangible improvements: During its tenure, workers constructed 651,087 miles of roads, streets and highways; and built, repaired or refurbished 124,031 bridges, 125,110 public buildings, 8,192 parks, and 853 landing fields. In addition, workers cleaned slums, revived forests, and extended electrical power to rural locations.

Work was provided for nearly a million students through the WPA National Youth Administration (NYA). The Federal One projects employed 40,000 artists and other cultural workers to produce music and theater, sculptures, murals and paintings, state and regional travel guides, and surveys of national archives. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was a program designed to address the problem of jobless young men aged between 18 and 25 years old. CCC camps were set up all around the country. The WPA's positive results for the public good and its popularity helped Franklin D. Roosevelt to garner a thumping electoral victory in 1936, even though the agency employed no more than about 25 percent of the nation's jobless.

Meanwhile, New Deal critics in Congress accused the program of waste, political maneuvering, and even subversive activity; they took their chance to prune the program when unemployment figures dipped a little in 1937. When unemployment rose again the following year, funding was brought back to previous levels. However, 1939 saw more cutbacks. The Emergency Relief Appropriations Act of June 30 eliminated the Federal Theater Project, cut back WPA pay and limited enrollment to 18 months. Reacting to charges of politicking by WPA employees during the 1938 congressional races, the Hatch Act of August 1939 prevented federal workers from participating in a broad array of political activities. We have seen the same act used in races in Northern Kentucky this year with several people resigning to run or dropping out of their races for fear of losing their jobs. With wartime prosperity rising in the 1940s, the WPA became more difficult to justify, and on June 30, 1943 the agency was terminated by presidential proclamation. All told, the WPA had employed more than 8,500,000 individuals on 1,410,000 projects with an average salary of $41.57 a month, and had spent about $11 billion.”

We can learn from that experience and put into effect a program which utilizes the private sector as well as the government and put many of our people to work, learning and training opportunities that can create productivity. We can find ways to use our prison population and allow most of them to return to society as productive citizens. The worse thing we can do is sit back and hope someone else solves the problem. The giants of moral, structural and socio-economical collapse are looking us squarely in the face and we better elect leaders who will know how to move the ball down the court of life and operate in God’s will. First, we must humble ourselves, seek the face of God, ask for His forgiveness and turn from our wicked ways. Then we can ask Him for help.  He will then help us and He will heal our land. God is a God of promise keeping. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Health Care Reform:

We are now faced with the question, “How can we work out a Health Care Reform that stimulates business in the private sector?” Every American citizen needs basic health care. The ability to fully participate in the free enterprise system, without the fear of a major medical catastrophe personally or in one’s family must be a right for all. Health care coverage is a right that must be extended to every American citizen just as I would have health care coverage as a United States Senator. Health care is not and should not be a Republican or Democrat issue. Health care is a human right issue and we, the People, need to come to grips with this issue so that we can proceed to rebuild our economy. 


Whatever is achieved must be out in the open for all eyes to see, so that greed and self interest are harnessed. With the move by President Obama, to call the leadership of both parties to sit and discuss this issue for over seven hours publically, following a year of debate and decades of health care problems facing the nation, it is time to act.  I support the majority party in this reconciliation action, and I fault my own party in its inaction. The Republicans had power for eight years and did little. In fact, we dropped the ball many times. Now that we are the minority party and the Democrats have the office of President, we should have worked for bipartisanship. Instead, we have demagogued the issues and shamefully played on the worse fears of the people. Half truths will never have lasting benefits. Our leadership should learn some lessons from former famous Kentuckian Henry Clay and his art to bring about compromise. Instead, our leadership will sit on the sidelines and attack the President and hope he fails. This is no position for Statesmen, Patriots, Americans or Christians. It certainly is not what I would do.  The power of the U.S. Senate office should be used to stop all abortions and to return to Godly principles.


History is a light to our future.  History can and should open our eyes.In 1973 the Endangered Species Act was enacted by Congress to protect animals facing extinction. To date, there are no fewer than 10 laws protecting more than 1,214 animals ranging from the giant panda to the Alabama red belly turtle to the bald eagle. In fact, the list includes nests and eggs of both bald and golden eagles because apparently an eagle is an eagle even before it is hatched.  Ironically, the same year, Linda Coffee and Sarah Weddington represented Norma McCorvey in the U.S. Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade. This landmark case opened the door for women to legally end the lives of their

defenseless unborn children.  From the legalization of abortion to July of 2008, approximately 50 million children have been killed.  In that time, the number one provider of both surgical and chemical abortions has been Planned Parenthood.  I would like to remind citizens that according to Jim Sedlak, president of STOPP International, project of the American Life League, the federal government has given over 4.8 billion dollars to Planned Parenthood. In 2010, Planned Parenthood will receive more than one million dollars every day from the pockets of American taxpayers.  Approximately every 30 seconds since Roe v. Wade, a son or daughter has been killed.  And although black women make up 12% of the population, they have 37% of abortions according to recent Centers for Disease Control study.  A black child is five times more likely to be aborted than his white counterpart.  Margaret Sanger would be proud. Her organization kills more African Americans in four days than the KKK killed in 150 years. What Margaret Sanger once said about those on welfare is now true for her own organization: it “would die out were the government not feeding (it).”  (Excerpts taken from American Family Association Journal, January 2010.)


I believe we will have a health care bill and I pray that abortion payments are not included. I fault our own Republican leadership for not using their filibuster ability and the desire of the Democrats to make this a bi-partisan bill; to keep these abortion demands of the left wing of the Democratic Party out of the legislation. It remains to be seen what the final version will include. If our leadership, who profess to be Right to Life supporters, had fought as tenaciously to stop abortions, as they have to block health care reform development, we could have prevented most abortions during the last decade. It is not too late. We still can still stop the murder of the Innocent if we will use our energy and argument vigorously; for the rights of the unborn; in the interest of the People; guided by Godly principles and not motivations that are fueled by “Perpetual Washington Career” ambitions.


 I see universal health care as a conservative issue.  It will allow the free enterprise system to make a major move to eliminate the greatest fear any citizen has whether leaving a job to venture into opening a new business or moving to new company. The fear of not having health care for oneself or their families is very real. Release the shackles and people will find their way under the free enterprise system. Again, what would Jesus do?



Kentucky Coal:

“Hydrogen and oxygen content. Bituminous is in between. Today, the precursor to coal - peat - is still found in many countries and is also used as an energy source. Coal is found in many of the lower 48 states of U.S. and throughout the rest of the world. Coal is mined out of the ground using various methods. Some coal mines are dug by sinking vertical or horizontal shafts deep underground, and coal miners travel by elevators or trains deep underground to dig the coal. Other coal is mined in strip mines where huge steam shovels strip away the top layers above the coal. The layers are then restored after the coal is taken away. The coal is then shipped by train and Coal is a hard, black colored rock-like substance. It is made up of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and varying amounts of sulphur. There are three main types of coal - anthracite, bituminous and lignite. Anthracite coal is the hardest and has more carbon, which gives it higher energy content. Lignite is the softest and is low in carbon but high in boats and even in pipelines. In pipelines, the coal is ground up and mixed with water to make what's called slurry. This is then pumped many miles through pipelines. At the other end, the coal is used to fuel power plants and other factories.”

“In 1997, Union County, western Kentucky, produced 425 thousand barrels of oil, mostly from the Mississippian age Chester sandstones and carbonates. Historically, Henderson County, western Kentucky, has produced a cumulative total of more than 107 million barrels of oil. In 1997, Pike County, eastern Kentucky, produced 29.8 billion cubic feet of natural gas, mostly from the Devonian Ohio (black) Shale.  In 1997, 23,628 wells in 57 counties produced 2.9 million barrels of oil; total cumulative production is 753 million barrels. The peak production of 27.3 million barrels occurred in 1959 during a period when the Greensburg Pool of Green and Taylor Counties was being developed. Kentucky ranks 20th nationally in volume of oil produced. In 1997, 13,825 wells in 37 counties produced 79.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas; total cumulative production is 4,797 billion cubic feet. The peak year of production was 1967, with 89.2 bcfg. Kentucky ranks 18th nationally in volume of gas produced. Prior to 1950, gas production data are available only for western Kentucky.” (Kentucky Coal Internet Research.)

Energy Independence:

We must embark on energy independence, using all resources and common sense in our regulations so as not to stifle the industry with bureaucratic red tape. Our goal must be to steward land properly.  Coal is one of our major resources. We must work together and continue to use common sense in reaching the maximum use of this precious gift from God.  As I have traveled throughout our 120 beautiful and diverse counties, I have publically sung “Sixteen Tons” by Tennessee Ernie Ford. This song comes from my heart and how I feel about the workers and drivers who mine and haul this resource across our nation. Many coal haulers will remember that I was the Commissioner, under Martha Layne Collins, who fought for the coal haul roads and the money to build them.  God gave us the gift of coal, black gold and we must steward it properly and with common sense.  If used properly, coal can be a major answer to our National Energy Independence.



Kentucky just passed the new English, Language Arts and Mathematics Standards during a rare joint meeting of the Kentucky Board of Education, the council on Postsecondary Education and the Education Professional Standards Board. Governor Beshear has supported the Standard. We are on the right track with regard to Education in Kentucky. In addition, I wholeheartedly support the Bill in the Kentucky State Legislature to return teaching the Bible as a part of our History.  Sadly, prayer should never have been removed from our schools.  I have never walked into a class room or school without asking for God’s guidance. I will never go into a school as United States Senator without giving a prayer publicly for the guidance of God in our education system.  Many citizens might not agree with me on this matter, but I hope they respect the fact that I do fear God and hold Him in the highest respect.


I am committed to technological advances in our school room. I believe it is imperative to maintain the level of education required in today’s work environment locally, nationally and internationally. We must help our educators, administrators, school boards and students with pressing needs in education. Today we are faced with a classroom of students who are very diverse and sometimes, ill-equipped because of personal environment. We must work collaboratively throughout our educational systems, maximizing the benefit of tax payers’ dollars. Major new roles need to be implemented such as funding given to Kentucky Education Television for curriculum enhancement, with internet usage so that each student can progress at their own level successfully.  The collaboration of universities, at all levels, and the State Department of Education and the Federal Department of Education is imperative.


The National Economy and the War on Terror:

I am deeply disappointed with the excessive greed I continue to see in our corporate structures and within our huge national banks, insurance companies and the multi-national corporations and investment companies. The United States of America has the greatest system that has ever been designed, the free enterprise system. But, we must always remember a free enterprise system has no conscience.  Only human beings have a conscience.  Therefore, we must have regulations, checks and balances and accountability in each of our systems. I have always believed that if the boss is honest then it is much easier for the employees to be honest.  I have a proven track record.  I have been honest and I will continue to be honest for the one (six year) term, which is all I ask for, from the citizens of Kentucky, as their next U.S. Senator. I do not want to be a “career” Senator.  I will never forget what my old friend the late Governor Bert T. Combs taught me as a young man. He said, “John, the difference between a good governor and poor governor is how he deals with the ‘Fat Cats’.  The good governor controls the ‘Fat Cats’, but the poor governor is controlled by the ‘Fat Cats’.” I have never and will never forget that valuable lesson as a young man.

Question on National Defense:  I commend President Obama’s National Defense Administration.  I do hope the President has learned the lesson about the importance of transparency of the government within the public eye. This will be the only way to regain and maintain the trust and confidence of the American People. In fact, both Republicans and Democrats need to learn this lesson.  It is the Public’s business.


War is never a solution, but it is often a necessity to survival. I thank God for His wisdom in our decisions to place our young men and women in harm’s way.  I thank God for the men and women who have sacrificed much for us to have the freedoms that we have as a nation. We should never enter a war just to contain a tyrant. If we enter war/s, we should do so with full force and with the objective to win with God’s help and guidance.  We must always keep in mind the lives that are at stake. We must refer to and live by the words and heart of the late President Ronald Reagan, “Trust, but verify”. Our national defense administration must operate with the same determination that the late President Harry Truman demonstrated in the 360 day air lift in Berlin against the Communist in Russia.


Elections Won Through Millions of Dollars Spent:

Consider this: A $5,000.00 campaign for the United States Senate Candidate. When David was facing the great and feared giant, Goliath, he only had a bag of five stones and with God, David only needed to use one stone. God’s will, not the “Fat Cat’s” will, will be done! 


A Candidate Who Understands the Threat of Foreclosure, Bankruptcy and Excessive Health Care Costs:

It is not too late to send John Stephenson to Washington. John Stephenson is the candidate who PERSONALLY understands the process of potentially losing his own home. A candidate, who has been personally fighting with his own home mortgage company, for days and months on end, since January of 2009, trying to qualify for a home modification loan and hoping to keep his own home. This same candidate is seriously and sadly concerned about the many citizens who have already been forced to walk away from their homes through foreclosures and, for those who are still fighting the “maze of created obstacles and deterrents.” And, in all of our puzzlement, this candidate, along with millions of Americans, continue to witness in amazement, how major banks are given monies and breaks and bonuses and yet, these same banks demonstrate little, to no, compassion, to individuals who are in the same situation. 


John Stephenson is the candidate who has been caring for the sick and coping with outrageous health care costs, including the outrageous price placed on prescription drugs. And in the meantime, “Washington ears” are being bent and eyes turned away to allow this travesty to be continually put upon the sick and the elderly. John Stephenson is the candidate who understands personally the anxiety related to “how will I be able to afford this or that and at the same time pay for our needed prescriptions?” John Stephenson is an advocate for the disabled. This candidate knows firsthand, the physical and financial obstacles that disabled citizens and their families must deal with daily.


 John Stephenson is the candidate who studies the functionality of government, local and national. He is the candidate who majored in advanced government in college and who has taught advanced government. He is the candidate who understands what “good government” should look like and how to implement fair and just policies.  John Stephenson is the candidate who has new ideas and solutions for our state and our national problems.  “OUR NATION HAS BEEN IN A FAMINE, A FAMINE OF TRUTH”, John Stephenson writes. “We truly need to make a “U- Turn” to God. There is only one choice that is real and true. God has given you a choice; it is now up to you.”


Governmental Ethics:

Governmental ethics must be put in place and maintained. In order for our nation to work successfully and fairly and transparently, we must be vigilant in demanding a government that is ethical and just. We need an accountability arm that will enforce a code of ethics to ensure and to maintain a government that is of the People and for the People, and not that of special interest groups and their strangle hold on our lawmakers.  The Association of Government Accountants, Advancing Government Accountability (A.G.A.), has set forth principles which can be an example that our nation can learn from and even certainly implement:


“In order to achieve the objectives of our profession, government officials must observe certain fundamental principles, which are as follows:

·    Integrity: Be straight forward and honest in performing professional services.

·    Objectivity: Be fair and do not allow prejudice or bias, conflict of interest or influence of others to override objectivity.

·    Professional Competence and Due Care: Perform professional services with due care, competence and diligence. Recognize the continuing duty to maintain professional knowledge and skill at a level required to ensure that an employer or client or citizen receives the advantage of competent professional service based on up-to-date developments in practice, legislation and techniques.

·    Confidentiality: Respect the confidentiality of information acquired during the course of performing professional services and do not disclose or use any such information without proper and specific authority or unless there is a legal or professional right or duty to disclose.

·    Professional Behavior: Act in a manner consistent with the good reputation of the profession and refrain from any conduct that might bring discredit to the profession.

·    Technical Standards: Carry out professional services in accordance with the relevant technical and professional standards. Recognize the duty to carry out with care and skill, the instructions of the employer or client insofar as they are compatible with the requirements of integrity, objectivity and, where applicable, independence.

Professional Conduct

Personal Behavior

1. Actively promote and encourage the highest level of ethics within the government beau racy financial management community.

2. Conduct yourself with integrity, dignity and respect for others.

3. Transmit or use confidential information obtained in your professional work only for the purpose intended and not for personal gain or other advantage or to the disadvantage of others.

4. Adhere to the standards of conduct of your employer and any professional associations or organizations of which you are a member.

Professional Competence and Performance

5. Strive to perform the duties of your position and supervise the work of your subordinates with the highest degree of professional care.

6. Continually seek to increase your professional knowledge and skills to improve your service to employers, associates and fellow members.

7. Render opinions, observations or conclusions for official purposes only after appropriate consideration of the pertinent facts and after assuring yourself that you have the appropriate expertise and are free from real or perceived conflicts of interest.

8. Exercise diligence, objectivity and honesty in your professional activities and be aware of your responsibility to disclose improprieties that come to your attention to the appropriate parties.

9. Be aware of and strive to apply work-related requirements and standards prescribed by authorized government agencies and employers.

Responsibilities to Others

10.  Consider the public interest to be paramount in carrying out your duties.

Avoid any activity that creates or gives the appearance of a conflict with your employer-related responsibilities.” (The Association of Government Accountants, Advancing Government Accountability [A.G.A.],  2208 Mt. Vernon Ave.,  Alexandria, VA    22301   703-684-6931)


Catch John Stephenson’s Campaign Position Speeches:

Stephenson requests, “I would like to ask the citizens of Kentucky to watch my video recorded speeches and ask themselves, ‘Who will fight for the rights of the People and who knows how to get the job done?’ “Who is the right candidate to be U.S. Senator for Kentucky; who will not bend and will be bold, fighting for the rights of the Unborn and for the downtrodden and for those in need?’ ‘Who will be the best Elected Voice for those who are economically hurting?’” Candidate Stephenson says, “We do not need a turn to the left or a turn to the right. It is time our country makes a “U-turn” to God and to the American Constitution. I would like to invite all our citizens of Kentucky and this United States of America, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Tea Partiers and the Unregistered to please visit my web site at or  You can also go to and type in JohnStephensonKY1 in the YouTube search box and view firsthand, recent John Stephenson video speeches. I would appreciate your vote, your vote that will be the voice to say “No” to abortion and “Yes” to the Right to Life” and “Liberty” for all.”


Thank You and God Bless You.


John Stephenson, United States Senate Candidate, Republican

Former Superintendent of Public Instruction, Commonwealth of Kentucky

P.O. Box 175885

Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017

859-653 7000                                                  859-750-0000                                     859-356-1608 Fax                                                                                     

February 28, 2010


The preceding points are but a few of the issues which John Stephenson will be speaking about in the following three months prior to Primary Election day of May 18, 2010. Then, People of Kentucky will speak for themselves.


*See Candidate Stephenson’s Professional Experience following




2994 Moffett Road

Independence, Kentucky 41051

859-653-7000  Cell  859-750-0000   859-356-1608 Fax

P.O. Box 175885

Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky 41017




·   Simon Kenton High School, Independence, Kentucky                                              Graduated 1961

·   University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky                                                         Graduated May 1970

Bachelor of Arts, Secondary Education                                                           130 Hours Earned

·   Chase College of Law                                                                                                September 1972 to March 1973

Covington, Kentucky Campus                                                                          12 Hours Earned

·   Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kentucky and                                         Summers of 1971 and 1972 Graduate Work

Georgetown College, Georgetown, Kentucky                                                  Rank II Kentucky Teacher Certification

·   Columbia Pacific University, San Rafael, California                                                Graduated May 1981

Masters and Doctorate of Philosophy in Management                                    30 Hours Earned

·   H-Bemis Lawrence and Weikel Real Estate Program                                             September 1971 to May 1973

Real Estate and Broker License                                                                       Kentucky Broker License Current



·   John Stephenson Broker,/Consultant/Producer, Videographer/photographer        1973 to Present

·   Superintendent of Public Instruction (Elected)                                                          January 1991 to January 1994

Commonwealth of Kentucky                                                

Kenton County Surveyor (Elected)                                                              1990 to 1991

·   Faculty Advisor/Mentor, Columbia Pacific University                                             September 1982 to September 1986

San Rafael, California                                              

·   Deputy Secretary of Transportation/Commissioner of                                            1985

Motor Vehicles; Commonwealth of Kentucky

Served in Martha Layne Collins Administration                 

·   Liaison Officer, Council on Higher Education                                                          January 1978 to September 1978

Commonwealth of Kentucky, Grant Research/Writing                  

·   Executive Director/Owner, Policy Management Assoc.                                           January 1978 to December 1982

Grant Writing and Training “Home Weatherization”

Skills To Statewide Community Action Agency Workers.

Produced/Directed Weatherization Documentary.

·   Congressional Field Representative for the Late                                                      September 1972 to December 1974

John B. Breckinridge, Washington, D.C.

·   Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor/Grant Writing                                                August 1971 to August 1972

Commonwealth of Kentucky, Goodwill Industries

·   Kentucky Education Association, KEA Federal                                                       1970 to 1975

Credit Union. Served as Board member, Exec. Loan

Officer & Chairman for One Year; Stephenson Group;

Private Investigator/Public Advocate; Consultant.

·   Advanced Government Teacher                                                                                September 1970 to May 1971

Erlanger Kentucky School System

·   Live Radio Program Host; Northern Kentucky Access                                           1970 to 1972

“Education Today” WHKK Radio Erlanger, Kentucky

(Currently WIOK Tri State Gospel 107.5)

·   Management Training Instructor                                                                              January 1966 to 1968 (Also attending college.)

Frisch’s Restaurant, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio                          

·   Building Service Man, Cincinnati Bell Company                                                      1965 to 1966 (Also attending college.)

·   Computer Switchman, Secretary/Treasurer U.T.U.                                                 September 1962 to May 1965 (Also attending


·   Louisville-Nashville Railroad, Covington, Kentucky           




·   Non Linear Editing, Television Production

·   Computer Software: Microsoft Software and Editing Software


·   Managed Various Charitable and Political Campaigns

·   Organize Numerous Local and Statewide Non Profit and Political or Issue Oriented Events


·                                                                                                                           Master of Ceremonies and Public Speaker on Topics of History, Art, Health Care, Education,

State, Local & Federal Government, Church & State and Ethics.


·   Ombudsman Advisory Council, Senior Services of Northern Kentucky

·   Chairman, Vice Chairman, Community Program Center, Covington, Kentucky

(Education, Public and Government Television Access)

·   Produced, Directed, Edited and Aired Northern Kentucky Cable Programs and Documentaries:

“Your Health and Wellness” (Weekly); “Europe by Train”; “Kentucky Counties”;

and “Santa Claus Education Series” Co-Founder Young Friends of the Arts.

·   Former State Director of National Day of Prayer

·   Organizer and Participant of (Kentucky) Statewide American Disability Act Rallies

·   Master of Ceremonies, “Whosoever Will” Band. Volunteer Entertainment to Senior Citizens at

Nursing Homes, Centers, Churches and Other Civic Groups

·   Master of Ceremony, Northern Kentucky Special Olympics for 35 years

·   Northern Kentucky Mental Health Association. Served with Association at State and Local Levels.

Held Numerous Positions Including: Chairman, Board of Directors & Numerous Committee Work Assignments.

·   Author of Guest Columns for Kentucky Post, Kentucky Enquirer, Lexington Herald and Louisville Courier.

·   Served on Goodwill Industries Board of Directors

·   Masons, Scottish Rite, Syrian Temple Shrine, 1965 to Present

·   Member of National, Kentucky and Erlanger Education Associations, President

·   Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce; Served on Volunteer Basis/Coordinating Legislative

and Educational Issues. Member, Stephenson Group

·   Covington Rotary, Former Member

·   Boone County Jaycees, Former Member

·   Boone County Businessmen’s Association, Former Member

·   Kiwanis, Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky Charter Member


·   Kentucky Education Association “Outstanding Citizen” in Kentucky Promoting Kentucky Education

·   Kentucky Special Olympics, “A Flame of Excellence” Award

·   First Chairman, Community Program Center Advisory Committee, Covington, Kentucky

·   First Place, Bluegrass Video Documentation

·   President, Student Body of University of Kentucky, Northern Community College. Instrumental in

Founding Efforts of “Inter-Community College Student Council” and “Greater Cincinnati Council

of College Students”

·   First Place, United States Jaycees “Elderly Assistance Right Now”, Project E.A.R.N.,

Home Weatherization Film

·   “Who’s Who in Colleges and Universities” While Attending College




John Stephenson, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Kentucky  1991



Mrs. June Geiman-Stephenson and U.S. Senate Candidate for Kentucky


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