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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!


Call it like it is. Politicians, on either side of the aisle, who misuse their influence and who misuse the Senate rules of a filibuster to block any health care options and to stop benefits for the unemployed and projects during a economic downturn, is nothing but shameful. It is apparent that anyone who would block the right to basic needs of our citizens is clearly not in touch with the majority of our nation’s citizens and their personal struggles for basic needs. Maybe these lawmakers cannot relate because they have their “basic needs” met. Lawmakers are supposed to represent their constituents, aren’t they? Can we say today, that this is happening? My Fellow Republicans, “Why have we not used these same tenacious “efforts” to stop abortions; return teaching of the Bible back to our school rooms; put measures in place to protect the sanctity of marriage and to block the permeation of pornography? Why are Christians continually “used” during election seasons to keep a greed and “me first” driven machinery in power? Why are our actions always hurting the poor and disenfranchised?  What would Jesus do?


Unreasonable filibustering practices achieve little and hurt many. How much longer? “After all these years” in office, one must ask the question, “Why have the “veteran” lawmakers not used these same blocking techniques when our nation and the Unborn needed a voice; someone bold enough to step up to the plate and just say ‘No’ to stop abortions?” Where were these lawmakers when we needed to stop major bailouts to the greed-driven multi-national corporations, and power house banks, Insurance and investment companies? Where were we; and what were we doing during the eight years we were in power?


It is time we take a good long look at the Elephant of Greed and realize it has been lurking around the room of the Republican Party.  How long can we pretend that there is no elephant in the room? If there is blame to go around, keep  in mind that it is not just the Democrats’ fault and it is not just the few Independents’ fault. It is time, we, the Republicans; take a long hard look at ourselves to understand how the Republican Party has played a role in getting our nation into the mess it is in. Redemption is powerful and freeing and offers new energy and direction. But first, there has to be an admission of guilt and remorse.


If we allow our current leaders to continue on a path, as they have as obstructionist, we will succeed in driving this nation to the brink of collapse.  I for one, a Republican, do not want to see President Barack Obama fail, because it might very well mean our nation fails.  “Politics as usual” will not work.  Give the Democrats their due. They won the office of Presidency and the Congress and they deserve a chance to put this country on the right path. Did you ever ask the question, “Why did the Democrats win?” Trust me there is an answer there. This does not mean that we fold up our tent; bury our heads in the sand; or stand idly by and say “no” to everything. I don’t mean to be redundant, but I certainly wish our leadership would have said “no” many times over with regard to abortions. That is when “no” really counted and still counts now; taking the defense of the Unborn and being their voice.


Republicans and Democrats and Independents have got to start working together and offer solutions and assistance to move our country forward.  Good Ideas can come from each party.  First and foremost, we have got to start all efforts by going to God in prayer and asking for His forgiveness and for guidance. God is still here! If you “choose” not to believe this fact, that still does not make God disappear.  I imagine about right now God is wondering, “WHEN are these kids of Mine going to “come around” and realize that without Me, their efforts will continue to be futile?”  Are we going to continue on this path of futility in government until the wagon we are pulling behind us has lost all four wheels?  Will we finally seek God with the “wheel less” wagon and say “Hey God, will you fix this now?”  Democrats, Republicans, Independents, please hear me. It is time our lawmakers learn the art of compromise. It is time to be “For the People”, the born and the unborn.


It is time to put aside our egos and our political parties and our special interests for the sake of “the People”; those with voices and those without voices. “Leadership gains authority and respect when the ‘voiceless poor’ are treated fairly.” Proverbs 29:14 (The Message, the Bible in Contemporary Language.)  Whoever has 51 votes wins. Let’s not be sore losers. We have got to start working together to make programs a success. We can be a “win-win” nation. America wins and we all look good in the eyes of God and the world. If our ideas and our actions appeal to the citizens, then we will be elected. But, if we continue to simply attack and tell half truths; we do not deserve the respect of the Voters. More importantly, we must all remember, EVERY human being is simply “on loan” in this world. We are designed to be instruments of God. We are replaceable. We have got to stand up for what we believe in, but do it in a manner as Jesus would: in the spirit of love and mercy and grace. Jesus knew how rejection felt. He was without honor in His own homeland.


It is time to end the famine of truth on both sides of the aisle and begin working together BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. It is my personal prayer that should I be elected, I will show the same love and mercy and grace for EVERY citizen and I pray that you do the same.


Let the Light Shine!

John Stephenson

Former Superintendent of Public Instruction Commonwealth of Kentucky

Candidate For The United States Senate From Kentucky



For Release Friday March 5, 2010


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