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 WELCOME,  INTRODUCTION  AND FUTURE JOURNAL ENTRIES:   If you have arrived at this page, I hope you have come  to learn more about John Stephenson, U. S. Senate Candidate for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. So first, let me say to each of you who are visiting, “Welcome!” I am June Geiman-Stephenson;   wife, critic and best friend of U.S. Senate Candidate John Stephenson. I am glad you have come to visit. I won’t spend my first journal entry sharing John’s entire political past.  I do want you to come to know John in a way that cannot be conveyed through the media outlets or campaign materials. In most cases, wives know more about their husbands, maybe even more so then they know themselves. Women are, by nature, introspective and intuitive and in tuned with the needs of those around them. John has been known to share with audiences his “comedic” belief that “when God created man His first word was, ‘Oops’! And then God created woman!” John and I both share a great sense of humor. We both inherited that humor from our respective wonderful families. Laughing is great medicine. We also love to share great times together so it is my sincere hope and my goal to turn this page into a diary of sorts. I want to try to journal as John and I travel this campaign trail and offer thoughts and share our experiences with you, along the way. So with that in mind, please come on in, have a seat, kick off your shoes and please, help yourself to a cup of tea or a great cup of cinnamon dolce’ latte, hot please! As you are sipping, allow me to share with you just a few reasons why John Stephenson and his wife, that would be me, are in this U.S. Senatorial race.


BRIEF POLITICAL HISTORY AND CAMPAIGN EXPERIENCES:    First, a “clip” of John’s political past. Let’s start with his first political race for Agriculture Commissioner in 1975. I was not part of that race, but had I been, we would have definitely lost the “white hat” image John was portraying with his 10 gallon hat! Did John win that race? Nope! Two millionaires entered the race and John could not afford to continue at the age of thirty and he withdrew his candidacy.


 John ran for State Treasurer in 1987. This race was my first political campaign experience. All that I can say is, “What an eye opener!” The work and the energy that is necessary to run a political race can be mind boggling and overwhelming at times; particularly in a race that is statewide and especially, if you are running on a “shoestring”; not that of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars that we see in races today statewide and nationally. Kentucky is so very beautiful and so diversified and so large of a territory to canvas. The people of Kentucky are   great. Kentucky citizens are the Commonwealth’s greatest “natural resource”.  Did John win this race? Nope!


So John tried again in 1992 when he ran for Superintendent of Public Instruction and guess what, he won!  John is a former advanced government teacher and he felt extremely passionate about the education system of Kentucky and the importance of keeping the position as an elected office so that the citizens of Kentucky could continue to have a “voting voice” in the education of our Commonwealth.  Sadly, the Kentucky Legislature stripped many of the duties of the office of Superintendent of Education without the people having a vote in the process. I believe this was a great loss to Kentucky.  John believes strongly in our state’s constitution and our federal constitution and our citizens’ rights therein. John filed suit to protect the people’s rights and to ensure that education reform was fulfilled.


ADVOCACY FOR THE INNOCENT, PHYSICALLY TESTED AND DEVELOPMENTALLY CHALLENGED:   John was a lifelong Democrat and he loves many, many dear people who are Democrats today. He finds great value in many of the philosophies of the Democratic Party but one thing that John cannot not adhere to, or be in support of,  is abortion;  in any form, for any reason. John felt his only recourse to continue to fight against and to try to stop abortions in our nation was to join the Republican Party. John will “cross the aisle” anytime, on behalf of lives of the Innocent, the physically “tested”, intellectually challenged, the elderly, and the mistreated.  John lives every day as an advocate for anyone who calls on him for help. He loves to help and he loves to serve. John is not motivated by “paybacks” or “agendas”. John is simply a servant.  You will discover this fact as you peruse John’s professional resume on this web site.  John’s heart for advocacy is one of the many things that attracted me to him so many years ago. John’s waistline has changed and John’s hairline has changed, but his heart to serve has not changed in the twenty six years that I have known and loved him.

John Will Make Things Happen: I want to share with you, from my own personal experiences, how John has been my greatest advocate for years, particularly during a long period of a decade, when I could not speak for myself. After graduation from Northern Kentucky University in 1978, I became a licensed social worker and worked in various health care related fields including, hospice, A.I.D.S Case management and hospital social work. The only time I was in a hospital was either to visit family or friends or to just go to work. I rarely experienced any health problems until around 1995-96, at the age of forty four. Yes, I am giving away my age!  Over the course of several months, I became extremely ill.  In fact, I experienced several near death experiences during hospital admissions.


For almost five years I was treated for Ulcerative Colitis.  Following multiple surgeries and biopsies, specialists and surgeons were finally able to make the diagnosis of Crohns Disease. To this day, I still become tearful when I recall how John was and has “been there” for me. I thank God every day for John.  He was and is my advocate and my voice in so many ways.  John was there when I could not help myself from procuring necessary  health care services,  medical supplies, extensive amounts  of prescription drugs, to the many and endless phone calls every day for years. Through it all, John never wavered and he made things happen. During long periods of days, and weeks and even month long hospitalizations, my precious husband John, found the time EVERY DAY, without fail, after long days of fighting on my behalf, to arrive at my hospital room, regardless of the time of day or night, just so he could be at my bedside, to hold my hand and to assure me that things would work out.


I greatly admire John for who he is. He is loyal and compassionate and he loves people.  John wants the best for every person in our Commonwealth and in our nation. He believes in fairness for all. John’s motives have never been for personal ambition or gain. He is driven by the desire to see justice and fairness for all; THE VOICE FOR MANY. He is selfless and patient and consistent. Many people find it hard to believe that this is how John truly ticks. When we first met, I was a skeptic! Believe me, as John’s wife of twenty one years; he is for real! I live with him day in and day out. John is patient and he is kind. John is honest to a fault.  He is also a man of mercy.  BELIEVE me, I KNOW!  John is not judgmental and he embodies love.  John loves Kentucky more than anyone I know. He genuinely cares for and is concerned about the welfare of every man and woman and child in our nation.  John was made for a time such as this!


MARRIAGE:  Now, to “safeguard” John from falling into the trap of “how great thou art”, I am compelled to share with you, that we, like every married couple, are not perfect.  Although, John and I do kiddingly remark to each other, from time to time, just how perfect we are and “why can’t everyone else be like us”! I am reminded of a great story I heard about Ruth Bell Graham, Billy Graham’s precious and dynamic late wife. As I understand it,   Ruth was interviewed by Larry King. He asked Ruth if she had ever considered divorcing Billy during their years of marriage.  Ruth apparently replied, “Absolutely not!”  Within a few short seconds, the cameras zoomed in on Ruth Graham for a tight shot as she cunningly smiled at Larry and continued, “I did consider murder a time or two!” Need I say more? God has blessed our marriage. He is in our marriage; we are a cord of three. 


TIME TO MAKE A “U-TURN” IN OUR NATION:  In each of John’s previous political races, he was “running against someone else”. The race for U.S. Senate is uniquely different. This time John is not running against anyone, he is running for God.  Our love for life is great and the right to life for all is extremely important to John and to me. Believe me when I say that we are in the U.S. Senate race for one major reason. God has called John to run in this race to be His voice; a voice to call our nation to make a “U-turn.” God cannot heal our land, or the economy, or health care, or family fractures or justice for all UNTIL we turn back to God and let Him back into the life of our nation…one nation under God. Until we begin to take aggressive steps to stop abortions, God cannot heal a nation that continues in evil ways. Abortion is murder of the Innocent. It is no coincidence that our nation is in the condition it is in today. It is time to seek God’s face, pray and turn from our evil ways. God promises “THEN I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14.  Recently, at a major Republican candidates’ forum in Louisville, the keynote speaker pointed out the increase in natural disasters, economic decline and the impending “fall from grace” of our nation. The speaker said, “We better get it right this time.”

God has not changed, His words and commands do not change, regardless of any political correctness. God judges nations today as He did thousands of years earlier. Don’t kid yourself otherwise!

PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING:  I have an important question to ask everyone who believes in and fights for and prays about the right to life of the Innocent. Why is it that our current, and long standing lawmakers, who profess to be supporters of Right to Life , have yet to fight with the same tenacity for the unborn as they have recently fought either for or against Health Care Reform? Why haven’t these “longstanding” lawmakers fought as aggressively and as passionately for the unborn in pushing through a Human Rights Amendment? They could. God’s words say, “ye shall know them by their fruits”.  Our country cannot afford to be manipulated any longer by the “ear tickling lip service” of politicians who do not follow through on their promises with regard to abortions. For too long Godly men and women and organizations have been lied to and deceived for a vote. Our nation needs a voice that will not be silenced; a voice who will not be intimidated by any one person or organization, small or large and a voice that will not back down in order to protect their career. Our nation and our great Commonwealth will only be great again when we begin sending people to Washington that are not afraid to speak the truth in love and not bend to the “established” powers to be.


ECONOMIC PLIGHT OF OUR NATION; WE ARE THERE TOO!  I want to share something very personal with each of you, one citizen to another. John and I PERSONALLY UNDERSTAND the economic plight of our nation. We do know what it is like to work hard and yet lose almost everything. Following almost a decade and a half of excessive medical costs for health care needs and services, John and I are to the point of facing personal foreclosure and bankruptcy. Believe me when I share with you, “we do understand how you feel, because we are right there, right now, ourselves.”  I am not ashamed to share these facts. We know what it is like to have doors closed on you and to be given the “perpetual runaround” in seeking guidance or direction.  John and I fully operate in faith in God to lead us and to guide in all matters of our life, every minute, of every day.


IN CLOSING:  I want to encourage each of you to go to John’s issues link and also to take the time to listen to some of his speeches. With the wonderful world of Cyber Space, John has the ability to make his speeches available to you to hear his positions; straight from his lips to your ears.  I hope this website and links will help you form your own opinion with regard to John being the right man for Kentucky’s next U. S. Senate. You will discover that John does possess fresh ideas and the determination and wisdom to help all Kentuckians and all fellow Americans in these difficult times. God has blessed John with a boldness that cannot be self manufactured;   a boldness that will not be stopped at the most important time in our nation’s history.


John, like every human being, is not perfect, but he is a man after God’s own heart.  We know that according to God’s word, “man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.” 1 SAMUEL 16:7. God knows John’s heart more then I could ever know it, but after a 26 year long relationship, I can share with each of you that John’s heart is good and it is kind and it is fair. John and I both believe with all our hearts that with God, all things are possible. With God, our Commonwealth of Kentucky and our Nation can once again become a beacon of light. Won’t you please join us in our endeavor to bring to a halt to abortions and to restore our nation to that “One nation under God?” I can promise you one thing.  If we turn back to God and stop abortions, He will hear from Heaven and heal our land.


PLEASE COME BACK AND VISIT ME AGAIN:  I want to thank you for coming to visit me today and I hope you will come back soon to visit as I hope to share periodic journal entries of our experiences during our campaign travel through Kentucky and the U.S. Senate Candidate Race. If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to share with either John or myself you can email us at Don’t forget to catch John’s speeches and check out his state and national issues, positions and solutions.


May God bless you and keep you.

June Geiman-Stephenson  



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