Rodger receives honors in Frankfort from many Legislators, and represents the Commonwealth with great dignity.

Rep. Paul H. Marcotte & Rodger Bingham          Speaker of House Jody Richards  Rodger & Cindy Smith
DiannaHanes & Rodger Rodger, Pat, Angela(end)
Rodger & Angela (daughter)Jean Burgin

Joe Blair & Rodger         Representative Bowling Representative Bratcher Representative Burch     Representative Colter

Representative Cornett  Representative Crimm    Representative Hoffman  Representative Tom Kerr & Son

Representative Miller     Representative Nesler           Representative Palumbo  Representative Royce Adams (Rodgers Rep)

Representative S.Lee     Representative Scott & Guest    Representative Arnold Simpson   Representative Sims

Representative Thompson Representative Upchurch & some Guest of his, with Rodger Bingham Representative Webb

Representative Westrom              Senator Adams                         Senator Walter Blevins

Senator Boarders                     Senator Guthrie                              Senator Harris and President David Williams with family.

Senator Harris & Rodger   Senator Kerr and Family with Rodger Senator Leeper & Senator Karem

Senator  Mongiardo & Guest  Senator Pendleton and Rodger      Senator Robinson

Senator Roeding and Family with Rodger - Senator Sanders        Senator Stinn

Senator Tori and Guest                 Senator Jack Westwood           Senator Williams Presents Rodger Bingham Family

Rodger Bingham & page             Rodger and State Troopers of Kentucky