Governor Paul Patton signs House Joint Resolution 33 honoring the Geiman Family
Left to Right are the Geimans who lived and worked on Pooles Creek Road  # 1. To honor
the Geiman Family for their many contributions and services  to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, a sign will
be placed at both ends of Pooles Creek Road # 1. Cold Spring, Kentucky. The signs will say,
Sons:  Paul (Ronald), Lionel, John, Aloysius, Andrew, Louis (Bill), Ervin, Joseph (Jim), Joseph (Father),
Rosa nee Keller (Mother).  Daughters:  Marie, Johanna, Frances.

Today was a wonderful day.
Two bills were passed and signed by the Governor of the Commonwealth of
House Joint Resolution 33 was signed today. (picture above)

"Geiman Connector"

 The Kentucky Legislature unanimously passed a resolution (Joint
Resolution 33) last week to dub the road
 the Geiman Connector. The designation was made at the request of John
Stephenson, an uncle of Jimmy
 Geiman, a Campbell County High School student who died in a crash on
the road late last year.

 Despite some concern over the effect a name change would have, the
designation as the Geiman
 Connector does not change the name of Pooles Creek Road No. 1.

 While there will be signs saying the road is the Geiman Connector, the
street signs and addresses will
 remain Pooles Creek Road No. 1.

 "In no way will the name of the road be changed," said Stephenson. "The
word's been going out that they'll
 have to change their addresses and driver's licenses and that's not the

 Stephenson has been lobbying state legislators as well as Campbell
County, Highland Heights and Cold
 Spring officials for the past several months to make the dedication. He
wanted to do so not only to honor
 Jimmy Geiman and pay respect to him, but also for the Geiman family
which has been in Campbell County
 for several generations.

 He also hopes it will raise awareness of driving safety. Police said it
appeared Jimmy Geiman was not
 wearing a seat belt when the fatal accident occurred.

 "We may even have them put a sign up on the road reminding people to
buckle up their seat belts,"
 Stephenson said. "If all of this saves one life, someone buckling up a
seat belt, it's worth it."
 In Frankfort today were Jim and Rose Geiman, the Father and Mother of
Jimmy Geiman, Tim Geiman, (Uncle)  John and June Geiman-Stephenson,
Uncle and Aunt and his brother Andy Geiman. The sponsor of the House
Joint Resolution 33, Joe Fischer is also in the picture as Governor Paul
Patton signs in the Capitol Rotunda in Frankfort, Kentucky.
                          House Joint Resolution # 33
A JOINT RESOLUTION naming the "Geiman Connector" in Campbell County.
WHEREAS, the Geiman family has been a fixture in the life of Campbell County for decades; and
WHEREAS, the Geiman family first emigrated to the United States in 1835; and
WHEREAS, Joseph Geiman and Rosa Keller were married in 1909 and started a family, constructing a huge stone house on Pooles Creek Road #1 that stands today and saw the birth of 14 children; and
WHEREAS, in Northern Kentucky, the words "Pooles Creek" are synonymous with the Geiman Family, evoking images of the hand-hewn stone Geiman homestead and thoughts of the over 500 descendants of Joseph and Rosa Geiman; and
WHEREAS, five of Joseph Geiman's sons apprenticed into the building trades, continuing a legacy and furthering a tradition of quality craftsmanship in stonework that is unsurpassed by any other builder in the area; and
WHEREAS, the Geiman family home building business, Geiman Stone and Craftsmanship, has literally provided the foundation for countless homes in the area; and
WHEREAS, the Geiman family was recently dealt a heartbreaking blow when Rose and Jim Geiman's sixteen-year old son Jimmy, brother of Andy, brother of Jill, was killed in a tragic automobile accident on Pooles Creek Road #1, just blocks from his home, on November 26, 2000; and
WHEREAS, Jimmy Geiman was a beloved friend to his classmates at Campbell County High School, who treasured his sense of humor and sensitivity; and
WHEREAS, Jimmy Geiman was dedicated to the sport of football, having received a "Coach's Choice" award for his inspired play this season for the Campbell County High School Camels; and
WHEREAS, The Geiman family's life is firmly rooted in a deep and abiding love of God and of the good news of His Son, Jesus Christ, a love shared by the entire Geiman family, members who have been active in their church, the VA, community activities, and service to their country during times of peril; and
WHEREAS, the entire Geiman family desperately wishes that Jimmy's tragic death will serve as a stark lesson in the importance of wearing seat belts, regardless of the duration of the trip or the proximity to home, because the simple act of buckling a seat belt may save the life of you or your dearest loved ones;
Be it resolved by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky:

Section 1.   The Transportation Cabinet is directed to name Kentucky Route 1998 from United States Route 27 to Kentucky Route 9, also known as Pooles Creek Road #1, the "Geiman Connector."
Section 2.   The Transportation Cabinet shall erect signs identifying the "Geiman Connector" within thirty (30) days of the effective date of this Resolution at appropriate intervals along the route specified in Section 1 of this Resolution.

The second piece of Legislation was Senate Bill 82.  This is a major
piece of Legislation which effects the lives of every person in the
Commonwealth of Kentucky. Introduced by J. Denton. This was an act
relating to reorganization.  This Act was amended to ensure that
Kentuckians with disabilities and their families enjoy full partnership
in all programs, services, and activities throughout the Commonwealth;
provide equal opportunity for membership on any board, task force, or
commission consistent with and to the extent of the Federal American
with Disabilities Act; provide that governmental entities establish
staff development training to promote disability awareness; make
conforming amendments. This bill content comes from House Bill 119
wording, which was used as the amendment to Senate Bill 82. House Bill
119 was introduced by Rep. Fred Nesler.

I wish to thank all the citizens across the Commonwealth who wrote,
called or visited their legislators in reference to these two pieces of

John Stephenson
Former Superintendent of Public Instruction

The following eulogy was given at Jimmy

Nov.27th. 2000

It's Monday Night!

I shall always remember screaming these words to Jimmy over the phone on Monday nights, as he would wait Aunt Junes and my call for Monday night football.

Jimmy, a wonderful spirit of joy and love, was plucked out of the arms of life the other night in a tragic auto accident, just a few blocks from His home on Poole's Creek Road. I do not surmise to understand the reasons why, except I know there had to be a higher calling for His joyful spirit to touch as it had touch so many for His short stay on this earth we call home. His life was an unfinished sentence, a chapter in a book that had not been fully written, but yet we learned so much from His short stay here on this earth.  His unconditional love, his humor and cherished friendship.  Jimmy's ongoing devotion to family, friends and God.  He was a teenager, with great sensitivity, sweet sixteen, with a heart of gold and love for his Campbell County sports, coaches, teachers, and schoolmates. A plaque bears His name as the outstanding football player chosen by His teammates just a few weeks ago.

He did not leave us, someone call upon him for greater duties, for you see Jimmy, I'm sure will be spreading His love to far more people from the Heavens above.

Rose and Jim, His Mom and Dad who spend their weekends singing in nursing homes and churches are suffering the unbearable pain of the loss of a child.  There are no easy answers.  There are only wrenching questions that tug at your gut and make you feel helpless in the battle of life.

A Brother, Andy and Sister Jill who had finished their high school years and have just begun to blossom as flowers in life will be faced with this empty space when their thoughts turn to their younger Brother Jimmy. They were such a team together; they fought, played, prayed and stayed together like a Geiman Stone Built house. Solid with
craftsmanship like those who built Solenmans temple Yet Jimmy would be the first to say I'm here with Grand Pa. Andy and Grand Ma. Anna Mae and Aunt Joann and believe me we are having a great time working for the
Lord and I get to have Aunt Joann's homemade potato salad every day. I get to play football, and we never loose. I bowl like you wouldn't believe, nothing but strikes. And guess what Mom they have all your pictures you take up here for me to review, that could take a while you know, also most as long as counting votes for the Bush Gore election. By the way Dad, don't forget to feed the dogs and tell them I love them. Sixteen years, and you and Mom were the best, now it's my turn to watch over you from above.  Heaven is great and the Lord has me watching
over many important tasks. So as you walk the pathway of life I will be that little light you see, twinkle in your eye as you see my smile and remember my warm hugs as God continues to finish the work in all of our lives. Those Aunts and Uncles, and many cousins, what a family, every time you turn a stone over you find another Geiman, you think there are a lot down their wait until you see how many are up here, what an audience, they love my sense of humor and I never miss a tackle. I know you miss me, but in time, who so ever will believe in the Lord Jesus
Christ will be here with me for a life eternal.  So as you shed those tears, and that pain tears at your gut, and you feel awkward as to what to say, just remember me for what I was like when you knew me, I loved life and loved you and as I finish my sentence and final chapter of life let me give you this piece of advice. The greatest gift that God gave any of us is the gift of Love through His Son who died on the cross and I ask you to give Love to all as freely as I gave it to you, and he gave it to me. Who so ever will believe shall pass this way and by the way
Uncle John & Aunt June-----


If you're experiencing the feelings that I am feeling maybe these thoughts will give some guidance. When we form a loving bond with someone, pain and grief occurs when that bond is broken. Grief is experienced psychologically, socially and physically. My grief has expressed itself in many different ways, often with disturbing and confusing feelings and emotions never before felt or experienced. These feelings and emotions have been very powerful and frightening and I have found it to be common for these feelings to occur over a very long period of time. In addition, no two people's experience will be the same. So as we begin to enter the series of, processes that a person goes through in adapting and accepting the loss of a loved one. Remember we will all react and feel differently and only time and Love and Gods will can be the healing medicine we need. The loss of Jimmy Geiman is a grief that tears at my soul, heart, and mind. The only emotion that is stronger, is the knowledge that but for the grace of God I would never had known him for His Sixteen years.

Jimmy, We love you.

John Stephenson
213 Beechwood Rd.
Fort Mitchell, Ky
Phone 859-331-4400
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